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Wilwood 12" Inboard Super Alloy Sprintcar Slotted Rotor

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Wilwood 12" Inboard Steel Sprintcar Rotor
Part #: WIL-160-12571

Super Alloy Titanium Slotted Rotors are Sprint racing's lightest rotors at a weight of between 2.8 to 3 pounds. Wilwood’s proprietary Super Alloy Titanium greatly enhances the durability and lifespan of this rotor over comparable lightweight steel or iron rotors. A directional slotted surface allowing for full pad contact. This provides excellent high temperature stability, with rapid heat dissipation and consistent performance from the brake pads. The fine micro-finish surface beds quickly with new pads

• Rotor Dia: 12.00"
• Rotor Thickness: 0.360"
• Material: Super Alloy Titanium
• Style: Slotted
• Sold Individually