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VP Racing Fuels

VP M2 Upper Cylinder Lubricant with Candy Scent suit Methanol & E85

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Australia's top selling E85 additive and upper cylinder lubricant. M2 upper cylinder lubricant is recommended by more engine builders than any other alternative additive.

It will protect your fuel system and engine internals from the devastating effects of Methanol and Ethanol. Formulated to protect your entire fuel system, while also protecting valves and guides. It is also rated for superchargers.

Don't like the smell of E85, or Methanol? Don't worry, M2 Scented comes with a candy fragrance that masks the odour of the fuel.

The ORIGINAL E85 & Methanol additive.

M2™ protects the investment in your methanol or ethanol-powered engine and will more than pay off at rebuild time.

  • Protects Valves & Guides.
  • Protects Aluminium fuel system parts.
  • Protects Cylinder Walls.
  • Rated for Superchargers. 

VP M2 Mixing Ratio:

  • One bottle of M2 will treat a 200L drum of Methanol or E85.
  • 140ml of M2 will treat 1 tank (60 Litres)