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Smith Titanium

Smith Titanium Sprint Car Titanium Left Rear Torsion Arm

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Smith Titanium Sprint Car Titanium Left Rear Torsion Arm
Part #: SPP-TI-RL-A

  • Titanium Left Rear Torsion Arm

    • Stronger and lighter than aluminum arms (lighter by 3/4 lb)
    • Safest arms ever made – with a high potential of keeping the rear from hitting the driver’s back during a crash
    • Unlikely to break at the spline during a crash
    • Made from a chunk of 6242 aerospace titanium meeting all aircraft specs – material will not be compromised by bending
    • spring rate is the same as the aluminum arms allowing you to use the same bars and set up blocks
    • arm memory is outstanding – they can bend and bow and will still return home
    • exhaust temperature does not affect material
    • shock spacer not needed (even for large body shocks) because the profile of the arm is so small the shock can sit over top of the arm, eliminating excessive arm twist from the shock

    Comes with titanium pinch bolts and studs.

    These arms won the last 2 Knoxville Nationals and the 2021 Kings Royal!