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Smith Titanium

Smith Titanium Sprint Car / Midget Front Hub Set

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Smith Titanium Sprint Car / Midget Front Hub Set

  • Let’s address the most obvious question first.  Why are our hubs the most expensive on the market?

    They’re not.  When you add up the upgrades, you’ll see the difference.  These front hubs feature:

    • Ceramic coating – which makes for less chipping, no fading, and no chemical attacks
    • Titanium studs and nuts– no more stripping threads because of the special press fit knurled stud to lock in
    • USA-made materials – they’re completely made in the USA.
    • The first ever special made double angular contact low drag bearing with seal – which means NO MAINTENANCE – ever.
    • Installation benefits – there is no greasing, no adjusting the hub nut (just torque), and quick installation time (it should only take about 3 minutes vs other hubs at 1-1/2 hours)
    • Less drag – they’re BULLETPROOF – and they “RUN TRUE” (the truest spinning hub available)
    • Precision spacers between bearings which allow you to tighten and torque the spindle nut to 50 ft lbs

    These hubs are RACE-READY!  All you need to do is slide them on the spindle.  They fit EVERY wheel brand.

    NO MORE:

    * Greasing

    * Readjusting the bearings

    * Studs backing out

    * Work (period!)

    * Long installation – 3 minutes install time tops!


    As we said, they are “RUN TRUE” hubs.  What does that mean?  It means that we take extra steps to provide consistent and accurate trueness on everything we make that turns, spins, or rotates.  These procedures are time-consuming, but at Smith Ti – we make the decision for precision – so they are 100% necessary.