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Longacre Digital Air Density Gauge 70 - 130%

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Longacre Basic Shock Inflation Pressure Gauge
Part #: LON-52-50493

When you get the motor just where you want it, record the air density or set the baseline on the digital air density gauge. Later - this could be later today, tomorrow, next week or next month - if the air density changes - and it will - you will instantly know how much to rejet to keep that peak.

Accurate electronic Air Density measurement with easy-to-read digital display
• Range: 70% - 130%
Shows your baseline so you don't forget
• A Red LED flashes to let you know if you need to change jets (air density changed by +/- 5%)
• Also displays current temp and barometric pressure with the push of a button
• Battery indicator on display
• Auto shutoff
• Hard case included
• Sold Individually

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