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King Racing Products

King Rear End Repair Kit

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King Rear End Repair Kit
Part#: KRP-2535

If you have ever crashed a Sprint Car before then the chances are you have damaged or pulled the threads right out of the snout of the rear end.  In the past it was always a hassle to repair the rear end threads, but know King Racing Products has developed this handy tool that makes repairing your rear easier than ever.  The kit utilizes industrial thread Inserts that are installed like heli coils.  No more taking the rear end apart and to a machine shop; do it yourself, in your garage, parking lot, or trailer.  A must for every race team.

• Works on Winters, DMI & Franklin rear ends
• Comes with 6 industrial thread inserts
• Heavy duty drill bit & nitrate tap are included
• Sold as kit

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