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JOES Micro/Mini Sprint Jack Axle Cradle

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JOES Micro/Mini Sprint Jack Axle Cradle 55600

Part #: JOE-55600

The JOES Micro Sprint Jack Axle Cradle makes it faster and easier to change rear tires, groove and sipe tires, and roll off chains. When you jack up your Micro Sprint from the frame nothing supports the rear axle, so it will either bottom out on the shocks or the frame. This makes it so you have to jack the frame up higher to get the rear axle off the ground, and with the frame wanting to slip off the jack this is a pain. When you jack up your Micro Sprint from the rear axle itself, the frame sits on the suspension and it is much easier to get the wheels off the ground.

Our Rear Axle Cradle is made out of Delrin making it durable but yet won’t scratch your axle. The cupped design is outfitted with 2 magnets to ensure that your axle won’t easily slip off the jack if the car gets jostled or moved. Fits up to a 3″ diameter axle, so it will work for Micro and Mini Sprints.

Fits Harbor Freight 1½ Ton Aluminum Pittsburgh jacks, or other jacks with up to a 4″ diameter jack head. Jack sold separately

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