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Joes Micro Sprint Sprocket Carrier 1¾”-27 Spline - 5/16" Bolts

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Joes Micro Sprint Carrier
Part  #: JOE-25675

• Fits any 1.75” x 27 spline rear axle
• Use the same hub for drive sprocket or brake rotor
• 5.25” bolt circle with six threaded 5/16" bolt holes and bolts
• Sold as kit

JOES Micro Sprint Sprocket Carriers are fully radiused and pocketed for maximum weight savings and strength. Precision splines keeps your JOES parts spinning true great performance. 1¾”-27 spline. Available in ¼” and ⁵/₁₆” Bolt Size application.  Both have 6 on 5¼” bolt circle. Both carriers are supplied with a flange nut (sprocket applications) and stove nut (brake application).

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