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JOES Lightweight Aluminium 15" Dished Steering Wheel ~ Black

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Joes Aluminium Steering Wheel 13515-B
Part #: JOE-13515-B

Grab on to the lightest JOES aluminum Steering Wheel ever. You won’t loose your grip on their shot peened, no-slip surface. It is drilled to reduce weight and is bare aluminum.

  • Diameter: 15"
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dished wheels have a 1⅞” to 2¼” dish depending on the size of the wheel
  • The slight dish improves the durability of the wheel to prevent bending
  • Tube diameter is 1⅛”
  • 3 x ⁵/₁₆” on a 1¾” Bolt Circle and 3 x ¼” on a 1⁹/₁₆” Bolt Circle.

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