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CTW Autmation

CTW RD3 Shock Dyno with 53" Columns

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CTW Automation presents the RD3 for the bigger rebound “tie-down” shocks.

RD3 is 3HP machine with a peak stroke of 2.0″ and peak speeds over 40 in/sec.

The RD3 uses CTW-Probe Analysis software to allow the user to create and run Tests of various velocities on one of three strokes to collect force data that is presented in various industry-standard graphs. The RD3 is a compact, lightweight tabletop machine that is designed to be structurally sound where loading is applied based on FEA analysis. Measurements are taken based on the line of actuation to ensure only the damper or specimen result is recorded.

Standard Features:
  • 3HP AC motor with computer controlled variable speed drive
  • 3K S-Beam load cell for +/- 3,000 lbf. range
  • 2 Clamp cross bar
  • Columns for 53” / test opening
  • Strokes set at 0.5” – 1.0” – 2.0” spacing
    • Or Metric at 25-40-50 mm
  • IR-Temperature sensor and quick release mount
  • CTW Probe analysis software
  • Clevis fixtures, ½” with pins and brass buttons – set
  • Input power 200-240 VAC I/III phase – 24/15 A(i)
  • 1-Year Support package


  • 5K Pancake with 4 Clamp cross bar
  • Win10 laptop set-up for the dyno
  • Clevis fixtures (exchange for standard ½”)
    • 3/8” or 5/16” – NC
  • Range of custom and fixtures including
    • Motorcycle damper & fork
    • Bicycle
    • Extra-large ID / opening
  • High voltage 380/440 VAC III phase- 9 A(i)

RD 3 Specification Sheet

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