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Behrent's Dzus Transfer Stud Punch Suit 7/16in

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Behrent's Dzus Transfer Stud Punch

Do you have body panels that will not line up perfectly because you tried marking your holes with a quarter fastener spring in the way? Are your fastener holes butchered up and fabricated to help realign your body panel with its weld plate hole? The panel transfer stud punch is a tool you need to make your body hanging experience effortless. No more worrying about if your hole you made where the spring and weld plate are will line up after you have drilled your hole. This tool acts as a regular stud punch you would use to make to drill a hole in. Compared to the a normal stud punch, you simply place the transfer stud punch in a weld plate or body panel and position your panel over top of it and lightly tap the panel with a hammer. After, you will be left with a mark in your panel where you now can confidently drill your hole and not fear that the hole will be off when you realign your panel. They are made of steel in  7/16” diameter in milled finish.

Quarter Turn Fastener Diameter (in):  7/16 in.