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ATL KKR 33Gal Sprintcar Fuel Cell with Baffle & Surge Tank

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ATL KKR 33Gal Sprintcar Fuel Cell with Baffle & Surge Tank
Part #: ATL-SC433KK-B12-698

The best of the BEST when it comes to Sprintcar Fuel Cells. Designed and used by KKR in the USA is this lightweight 33Gal Cell with Bladder. 

ATL offers its design, engineering and roto-molding capabilities to produce outstanding high-impact fuel tanks and containers. These polymer vessels meet FIA/FT3 and MVSS-301 Specs, and feature extremely low permeation rates.

In addition, ATL's tank moldings can include integral sumps, threaded inserts, baffles, metallic flanges, bosses, hose attachment "stubs" and mounting brackets.

  • 33 gallon capacity
  • Built-in Baffle
  • Fuel Safe Style
  • 60 Micron 90 Degree Horizontal Fuel Filter
  • For alcohol fuel only
  • Thin and forever pliable for easy installtion
  • The only repairable bladder!
  • Internal seams for maximum fuel capacity
  • Lightweight aluminum easy access front cover panel
  • Billet aluminum fill plate
    • 2" Threaded cap with roll over vent-valve
    • (2) #8 and (1) #6 Fittings
  • #12 AN (3/4") Front outlet with internal pick-up hose assembly

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